Two Wings International School

Character Education

At Two Wings Community school, we see the young as the most precious treasure a community can possess. In them are the promise and guarantee of the future. Yet, in order for this promise to be realized, children need to receive spiritual nourishment, in addition to their academic education. In a world where the joy and innocence of childhood can be so easily overwhelmed by the aggressive pursuit of materialistic ends, the moral and spiritual education of children assumes vital importance.

The moral and spiritual education offered at Two Wings Community school emphasizes the acquisition of spiritual qualities – for example, truthfulness, generosity, purity of heart, and kindness, to name a few – which are considered attributes of God that are reflected in the mirror of the human heart.

We believe that, especially during the early years of childhood, great emphasis should be placed on the development of spiritual qualities and on those beliefs, habits and patterns of conduct that constitute the essential attributes of a spiritual being. Our goal is for the children to reach a stage in which they can understand and act upon the imperative to tend to their own spiritual development and contribute to the well-being of society.

This concept of spiritual education is based on the Baha’i belief that the essential identity of every human being is a rational and immortal soul and that central to the spiritual life is the development of spiritual qualities that assist each of us in our eternal journey towards God. There are many factors that contribute to this development, among them prayer, reflection, willingness to learn, and constant daily effort – particularly in service to humanity.

While inspired by the Baha’i Faith, this spiritual education is responding to all children’s spiritual aspiration, whether Baha’i, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or belonging to any other religious community. That is why all children of all beliefs are welcome to join the school.