Two Wings International School

Message from the Director, Judith Nyamoga

I am happy and profoundly grateful for the opportunity to welcome you all to Two Wings International School.

Our core vision is to offer to our young learners a strong educational foundation that is balanced. In our strive for excellence, we will insure that children find joy, emotional and physical safety while engaging in a range of learning activities that take into consideration both academic, social, emotional and spiritual progress so as to reveal their full potential.

Our school’s curriculum uses two languages of instruction.  While focusing on French, Cambridge Early Age and Cambridge Primary, it is carefully framed to deliver quality and balanced programs that meet high standards of education.

Two Wings International School

We incorporates the best and innovative practices of Education with practical learning activities, clear sighted about the hiring process and the teacher’s role in the welfare and progress of children.

We carefully choose experienced and trustworthy teachers and assistant teachers who ensures the development of children academically, spiritually and personally. At two Wings International School, we clearly understand that a strong spiritual and moral foundation will help our children develop human virtues and form their character, which will be the tool for us to strengthen our educational vision and mission.

Two Wings International School offers an extraordinary opportunity in both curricula and Cross-curricular areas. We have learning equipment (Green playgrounds, large sand pit, school pet zoo, a swimming pool, a role-play center…) that is conducive to a careful development, among other subjects, of our 2 languages of instruction ( French and English) and encourage our children to develop their talents. 

Our core values

Learning & Fun

In a dynamic school setting, the integration of engaging activities and interactive learning not only makes education enjoyable but also enhances students’ motivation and understanding, fostering a harmonious balance between learning and fun.

Children Safety

Ensuring children’s safety at school involves implementing comprehensive measures, including secure facilities, vigilant supervision, and effective protocols, to create an environment where students can learn and thrive with confidence and peace of mind.

Friendly Environment

A friendly school environment fosters a welcoming atmosphere where students feel valued, respected, and encouraged to explore their potential, creating a positive space for both academic growth and social development