Two Wings International School

Two Wings Programs

(11 month – 3 years old)
supervised care and early childhood education for infants, toddlers during the day...
(3 years – 6 years)
early childhood development through play-based learning and social interaction.
Grade 1
(6 – 7 years)
structured curriculum to build foundational skills in subjects like literacy, numeracy, and social studies.
Grade 1
Grade 2
(7 – 8 years old)
continues to build upon foundational skills, expanding students' knowledge and understanding
Grade 2

Our Promise

Learning & Fun
In a dynamic school setting, the integration of engaging activities and interactive learning not only makes education enjoyable but also enhances students’ motivation and understanding, fostering a harmonious balance between learning and fun.
Healthy Meals
Healthy school meals promote students’ well-being by providing nutritious and balanced options that contribute to their physical health, cognitive function, and overall energy, supporting a positive learning environment.
Children Safety
Ensuring children’s safety at school involves implementing comprehensive measures, including secure facilities, vigilant supervision, and effective protocols, to create an environment where students can learn and thrive with confidence and peace of mind
Friendly Environment
A friendly school environment fosters a welcoming atmosphere where students feel valued, respected, and encouraged to explore their potential, creating a positive space for both academic growth and social development


  • 17 Oct
  • 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Last Day of School end of Year Picnic
Our activities will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination and social skills.
  • 17 May
  • 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Fur and Feathers Hour
This Friday TWIS is organizing a "Fur and Feathers" hour to give our students the chance to learn and discover new things about domestic animals!

Two Wings Offerings

Daycare: half day and full day

Nursery: half day and full day

Cambridge Lower Primary: Grade 1 & Grade 2

Two Wings IS plans to add a grade level each academic year when possible.

Full Day Sessions
Half Day Sessions
Varied Classes
Friendly Place

Latest News..

Upcoming Academic Year Announcements!

To those who are staying with us and to those joining us for the new academic year 2024-2025, welcome! To read the new TWIS announcement in English click here. Pour lire la nouvelle annonce TWIS en français, appuyez ici.

Cross Curricular Activities
Term 3 Cross-Curricular Activities Schedule

TWIS Term 3 Cross-Curricular Activities Click this LINK to view term 3 Cross-Curricular Activities

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Term 3 Timetables – All Included

TWIS Term 3 Timetables – All Included Click this LINK to view the Creche Routine  Click this LINK to view the Maternelle Timetable Click this LINK to view the Grade 1 Timetable Click this LINK to view the Grade 2 Timetable

Reviews on Google

Jessica KamualaJessica Kamuala
19:33 13 Nov 23
Excellent school with amazing facilities
Joe kanyoroJoe kanyoro
09:59 28 Sep 23
TWIS for quality and modern training to international standards
Prosper MitimaProsper Mitima
18:51 27 Sep 23
This school is great, I love it
Christian Dieu MerciChristian Dieu Merci
12:15 27 Sep 23
A great place for comprehensive training for your children!
Judith NJudith N
16:14 26 Sep 23